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@NadiahMustarin Apr 14 : …
@adamituition Apr 14 :Permohonan Hadiah Latihan Persekutuan Secara Online 
@aidanabilaaa Apr 14 :Kau ni jat, harini orang dah start pegi test, kau baru nak tanya link -_- Nah …
@Khuzirah_sufiah Apr 14 :@ZNadhilah nah … kt tepi sekali SEMAKAN PANGGILAN UKCG
@Capang96 Apr 14 :@sudipmenggoreng …
@mohdazzizan Apr 12 : …
@QistinaAlMasrie Apr 12 :@abizahrinzamanh Nah Nah Nahhh …
@yaameer Apr 12 : … @shuethree
@amrlasyraaf Apr 11 :Again. Tapi kali ini kursus yang menarik ;D …
@jannahtesl Mar 31 :You must really want it for yourself. 
@Elaiyaraja_ Mar 26 : … IPGM application. Pls share the information to SPM leaver who has the passion to be a teacher. @IPGMalaysia
@dr_k_suthan Mar 23 :those with 9a+ automatically qualify for bursary scholarship for PRe-U 
@mpatrick96 Mar 20 : … if you want to be a teacher. @TheLow95 @JokerBear960509, @hyunnny_96 click this.. just isi semua.
@muggar_reum Mar 19 :For those who born in 95/96/97 and taking your SPM certificate tomorrow, have you check your curriculum mark? …
@honeymyst396 Mar 19 : … @farahooi @qallamahmad @koalamira @ariffazlan02 and ipg students here here #shakinghands
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