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@OneEducationBTM 28 Nov 2012 :ONE Edu's Info : Pengen tau informasi tentang kuliah di Malaysia? Pengen tau informasi tentang UCSI University... http://fb.me/2i88dbZpR 
@shobnaaa 16 Nov 2012 :@PrIyA_DaRsHiNi_ http://lms.ucsi.edu.my/ba-hons-marketing … check this link
@kiimiie9419 11 Oct 2012 :http://lms.ucsi.edu.my/documents/10162/816872/prospectusFOSSLA.pdf … RM 1000 เอง .___. #แดกจุด
@cindymalteser 4 Sep 2012 :@EdnaDolphin one last one thats more specific on the KL campus http://lms.ucsi.edu.my/kuala-lumpur 
@cindymalteser 4 Sep 2012 :@EdnaDolphin http://lms.ucsi.edu.my/campuses1;jsessionid=EDD4D1EB716EFDB68F37189E79F68A2F … all the info u need is there..
@ucsiuniversity 10 Aug 2012 :Fun with Biotechnology at UCSI University - UCSI University http://fb.me/25JS6qL9b 
@patcrssn 5 Aug 2012 :@CiBeforeCa @marieangeeel kayaknya 3-6 deh ca, coba download formnya http://lms.ucsi.edu.my/scholarships1  di halm 4 ada detailnya
@fobis_ucsi 30 Jul 2012 :Nurturing the Actuarial Profession http://fb.me/DlKAi330 
@SyafiqahAbduh 17 Jul 2012 :@tenlala what about actuarial sc? there's only one IPTS that offers dis course. take a look at dis one. http://lms.ucsi.edu.my/academic-programmes;jsessionid=0B4B189FAB5296FA4B69E5F57C38C8C6 …
@ucsiuniversity 3 Jul 2012 :Enhancing One's Knowledge in Drug Research and Development http://fb.me/1CTEP8Dc2 
@TalentEDge 17 Jun 2012 :Besides training sessions, traveling and meeting up with clients for learning programs this period, the team is... http://fb.me/21EBIGBpf 
@msmbs7 7 Jun 2012 :http://bit.ly/KVtVCQ  @7atemJK هذا المبنى ، سبحان الله يشبه للمعهد هههههههه
@msmbs7 7 Jun 2012 :http://bit.ly/LdMZuW  @7atemJK حاتم يقولون هاذي وحده من غرف السكن
@RecKscuTe 21 May 2012 :asal aku stress je aku bukak nih http://lms.ucsi.edu.my/msc-anti-aging-regenerative-medicine-and-medical-aesthetic- …
@ucsisc 2 May 2012 :Hey everyone. If you are wondering what are the GPA ( Grade Point Average ) of your grades, do refer to the... http://fb.me/wYBAk6Jp 
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